History of Lorenzini Naturamica

Lorenzini Naturamica® is an agricultural company that currently occupies an area of about 560 hectares of particularly fertile land in the Po Valley and in the Syracusano area.

The main office is in Sermide (MN), in the southeast corner of Lombardy, while the second production site is located in Pachino (SR), in the south-eastern tip of Sicily.

Since 2004 it is part of the Producers Organization (OP) Lorenzini Naturamica Soc. Cons., of which it is one of the main founders.

Production and sale of certified melons and watermelons from Mantua

With a potential of about 6,000 tons/year of quality melon it undoubtedly constitutes a large production reality, an achievement of which the owners Daniele Lorenzini and his wife Vanna Barotti together with their children Serena, Grazia and Cristiano are particularly proud.

During a year is provides work to about 120 seasonal workers in Sermide and about 80 in the production site of Rosolini-Pachino and therefore has certain importance also from the employment point of view.

In the company of Sermide Daniele Lorenzini, anticipating the new orientations of the market has approached the cultivation of melon, which was establishing itself in the area. He started the horticultural activity with just over one hectare in an open field in organic cultivation, for a production of about 40 tons, up to the current levels.

Our Family

  • Foundation

    The Lorenzini Naturamica company begins production of melons, immediately applying the management principles of Quality.

  • ISO Certification

    Achievement of the ISO 9002 Quality System certification (later becoming ISO 9001:2008).

  • Well-Brix

    Purchase of a computerised sorter, based on an innovative, non-destructive fruit analyzer with high precision: the WELL-BRIX by Sumitomo Metal Mining

  • New production site in Sicily

    Acquisition of a new production site in Pachino, Sicily, with an extension of the Quality System, to guarantee the possibility of purchasing the Lorenzini melon for over nine months a year: from April to December.

  • Traceability

    Printing of an identification number on each fruit of the first quality (vintage melon). Traceability of each fruit from the consumer’s plate to the cultivation field and to the seed in the nursery.

  • Renewal of the ISO certification

    Renewal of the ISO 9002 certification (which later became ISO 9001:2008) following a successful inspection.

  • Agroqualità Certfication

    Product certification by Agroqualità: guarantee on every single fruit of 1st quality and introduction of the identification number printing by laser.

  • New varieties

    Adoption of new varieties of red pulp melon containing beneficial principles for the health such as Lycopene.

  • Database

    Creation of the database for recording each processed fruit, so as to be able to trace the entire history of our products at any time, from the nursery to processing.

  • Online traceability

    The traceability of every single fruit processed is made possible on www. lorenzininaturamica.com through the numerical code printed by laser on the fruit itself

  • Producers Organisation (PO) Lorenzini Naturamica Soc.Cons.

    Constitution of the Producers Organisation (PO) Lorenzini Naturamica Soc.Cons., pursuant to Regulations ECCE 2200/96 and 1433/03, of which the Lorenzini Company is one of the main founders.

  • Globalgap Certification

    Certification according to the Globalgap standard, relating to the food safety of agricultural products and workers and the traceability of products.

  • Air conditioning system

    Construction of an air conditioning system in the processing warehouse to guarantee the “cold chain” and keep the intrinsic characteristics of the products unaltered for a long time, while improving the working conditions of the employees

  • Photovoltaic system

    Expansion of the processing and shipping warehouse with installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof that allows to cover 70% of the company needs in electricity

  • Heating with wood chips

    Energy efficiency through the adoption of renewable fuel (wood chips) for heating greenhouses.

  • New machinery

    Purchase of new machinery for the packaging lines for tomatoes, melons, watermelons and implementation of a new management software for machinery logistics.


We can boast various Primates for Quality, which guarantee the exclusivity and production of an elite and international melon.

  • 1st farm with integrated biological control that made use of the analyzes of an authorized laboratory as a guarantee of no residues of pesticides in the fruits
  • 1st single farm in Italy with process certification UNI EN ISO 9002
  • 1st company in Europe that uses Well-Brix, the first non-invasive and high-precision fruit analyser in the world
  • 1st farm that remotely guarantees a certified agricultural process (Lombardy – Sicily)
  • 1st melon with the traceability of every single fruit (and not just batch) and therefore with its own clearly identifiable history
  • 1st farm that prints an alphanumeric code on the fruit with the laser for the traceability of each fruit and guarantee of non-counterfeiting, already since 2001
  • 1st melon in Italy with product certification

Our Company Policies

From the very beginning, the success of the Lorenzini Naturamica company is determined by the policy of Quality, Authenticity and Guarantee that permeates the entire business management perspective.


Understood both as product quality and as a UNI ISO 9001 Quality System on the cultivation, packaging and marketing of melon.


Relying on the methods of bio-integrated struggle the genuineness of our products is always guaranteed.


Well Brix analyses every melon that arrives on your table and guarantees its sugar content.


The certifications attest how the company is able to meet its commercial commitments in all their parts, from the maintenance of quality standards, to the control of hygienic-sanitary standards, to the strict compliance with deliveries.


Possibility of knowing the documented history of each fruit, traceable by the consumer to the seed and field in which it was grown.


Obtained through biological-integrated control methods against parasites and fungal diseases of crops, photovoltaic system and greenhouses heated with biomass.

Our Certifications.